Key Strengths

Complete Vehicle

A service loop is almost completed featuring Product Definition, Product Analysis, Styling Creativity, Concept and Packaging, Modularity, Digital Manufacturing, Complete Product Engineering, Virtual Validation, Prototypes Construction, Testing and Homologation.

The Customer gets benefitted by the operative support during the first months after SOP and the Project Management that includes additional integrated services to improve the process efficiency and products quality.

JBM Tesco unconventional methodologies for the engineering world, such as the digital technologies to evaluate styling appearances.

Product Definition

Well in advance to the Product Development Concept, some customers could have the specific need of defining the preliminary analysis for the Reference Market, translated in targets segmentation, costs evaluation, price strategy and logistics models definition, beside the product expected profile and a detailed benchmarking analysis.

A well detailed Business Case construction can be either executed independently from a Concept phase or effectively integrated in a successive Product Development phase. In the latter case, this specific activity permits to individuate, since the first project stages, the best performance standards, with an approach able to permit the adoption of the most efficient operative instruments.

Styling and Creativity

Styling and Creativity is now a major factor in the commercial success of most products. Styling and Creativity will need to correspond to ergonomic functionality and utility features as well.

For over 40 years JBM Tesco has enriched experience and knowledge from a wide variety of projects.  JBM Tesco has vast experience to strike a balance between innovation, functionality & appearance in almost all automotive & non automotive domains. We work throughout the design process from strategic brand developing to family series development.

Concept & Packaging

The Concept set-up is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive phases of the whole development process, requiring specific experience and a consolidated technical know-how.

This phase includes the vehicle architecture set-up, analysis, evaluation and its technical synthesis, linked to a preliminary evaluation (and trade off) of cost, weight, performances and to the technical considerations of ergonomic specifications and styling "hard points".

According to this process, the analysis of Customer Technical Specifications, integrated to relevant benchmarking references, brings to the creation of an "Initial Action Plan" considering a wide spectrum of variables.

In this phase, the project key-factors are analyzed, such as the creation of functional and process synergies (e.g. Modularity) , the action plans to reach performance targets, economic bonds,  deadlines and responsibilities.

Product Engineering

JBM Tesco engineering know-how is nearly complete and includes most vehicle areas, with focus on:

Body-in-White and Trims research and development through realization of 3D CAD models and 2D drawing able to guarantee the physical manufacturing of each single component for prototype and series production, till final CAD release. This activity is done in synergy with internal CAE department (virtual simulation department) to guarantee all vehicle performances, along with BOM and cost analysis for design to cost and design to functionality optimization.

Chassis and powertrain design research and development of suspension in terms of hard points definition and validation,3D CAD models and 2D drawing able to guarantee the physical manufacturing of each single component for prototype and series production till final CAD release. Moreover JBM-TESCO take care of the installation and setting-up of all mechanical supplying systems.

Electrical and Electronics, where the experience developed in those years with different customers and standards can assure full support to systems development: starting from definition of functional and diagnostic specifications, through architecture/system/component design and validation, product FMEA, system integration, physical testing, faults analysis and recovery.

We are able to design, engineer, homologate and produce a complete vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, bus, tractor o train. On the basis of industrial feasibility studies and of the product analysis development, our team of engineers, using 3D-2D design techniques and the so called Virtual Car, combined with a smart Design-to-Cost approach, is able to validate each component on the basis of associated costs.
Our team works in an integrated way, avoiding personnel redundancy and engineering manager proliferation, but at the same time assuring development risks reduction.

This approach of real "Simultaneous Engineering" allows an effective information exchange between Engineering & Simulation to guarantee best results in shorter time.

Among our excellence areas can be furthermore highlighted:

Cost & BOM Engineering analysis as a basic orientation to develop quality but cost effective products. Our specialists had matured knowledge of materials, technologies and process and can evaluate feasibility and cost at the very early step of development, guiding the choice of suitable and innovative solutions.

Light Weighting means focus in vehicle weight reduction for BIW structure and mechanical parts, for sheet metal parts and cast iron components. The activity consist in the continuous research of alternative technological solution for manufacturing process, alternative and innovative materials, welding process optimization. It comes to integration of competences on engineering innovative design, CAE virtual validation and experimental tests and knowledge in management and understanding of vehicle performance and target achievement.

CAE department support product engineering development, starting from feasibility phase, in order to simulate geometries and behavior and orient toward best performances achievement. Competencies covers most areas: structural analysis, passive safety according to worldwide standards, CFD and aeronoise. Knowledge of materials and capacity to correlate results with physical testing feedbacks constitute the real added value of our organization in guaranteeing reachability of performances targets given.

Manufacturing Support

We never forget our customers; the working process at complete integration also involves the aspects more linked to Production.

Besides considering the aspects more linked to "Process Technologies" since the first engineering phases, we can assure on-the-spot presence of its engineers at the production facilities to finalize the process activities.

During the Series Production, our team is able to work in various locations. On average for three months after the SOP - with the Customer to follow "alive" and supports the various production activities. During this period, the team becomes part of the production mechanisms "in reality" and develops the capability of creating a specific working methodology with the customer' personnel.

Plant experts are however integrated and informed about development work from the first engineering phases. JBM Tesco ensure on-the-spot presence at OEM production plants for product and manufacturing activities finalization and SOP follow up.

Project Management

In order to guarantee the product success, it is necessary to implement a robust process of management and coordination of product development activities. For this reason, we always believe in offering a high quality Project Management Services, being ´communication´ strategic at every management and interface level, from Integration Teams, up to Project Steering Committee.

Every relevant aspect is monitored and organized according to the most up-to date management standards and, thanks to a bulk of services that JBM Tesco can guarantee, including Product/Project Quality, Project Target definition and management, Cost Engineering and Design-to-Cost, Project Release Management. The continuous improvement and the "historical memories" are guaranteed by the creation and the management of a "Lessons Learnt" process.


We offer our customers technologically advanced equipments, prototyping services corresponding to high quality standards: the range of offer includes One-of cars - completely customized Cars, Functional Prototypes construction, Single Components execution according to the most different technologies and finalized to small and medium series, engineering and realization of different kind of calipers, jigs and dies.

JBM Tesco offers a complete logistic service for prototypes, beside the quality assurance and suppliers coordination.

Digital Manufacturing

We also have expertise into digital manufacturing which includes Simulation & Modeling, Industrial and Production Engineering

In Simulation & Modeling, JBM Tesco specialises into Production System Simulation, Material Flow Mapping & Analysis, 3D Layout Design & Modeling, Process Simulation & Validation.

Industrial and Production Engineering based services include Plant Layout Design and Space Optimization, Material Flow & Distribution and In-Plant Logistics Optimization, Material Handling and Storage System Design, Throughput Validation and Resource Optimization and Inventory Planning.

Typical application areas for our services are:

  • Design of green field manufacturing facilities & optimization of existing facilities
  • Process improvement using Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
  • In-plant & external logistics system design & improvement
  • Production planning/scheduling