Focus Areas

During these years, JBM Tesco has been able to develop many engineering programs in various fields and for a high variety of vehicles in various mode of transport.


JBM Tesco was born with the automotive field, where it can show an extraordinary 360° experience. Strong technical and managerial background guarantees the full customer satisfaction both for single activities and complex work packages. It includes commencing from market analysis, targeting and segmentation through creativity, concept creation up to complete engineering. Advanced technology combined with robust project management ensures reliability and commitment to its customers.

Our working culture since years marks the success we have achieved due to our experienced engineers who are always there to provide the best solution by being our Brand Pillars. These optimized solutions are guaranteed by the particular development process followed by JBM Tesco based on real simultaneous engineeering and maximum resources integration principles.

Farm and Equipment

Being Industrial is JBM Tesco’s way to apply time-to-market and Project Management / organisation tools inherited from the automotive background forming one of the first fields to experiment new technologies.

Services include product analysis, targeting, creativity, concept creation, engineering, CAE simulation, testing, up to SOP follow up.

Two Wheeler

Generally, automotive sector are related by Cars and Trucks. We diversified our range of business into the 2- wheels industry.

Apparently, the technical contents of a two wheelet could look simpler than a car or a truck but the essential aspect of a two wheeler does not have to mislead.  Our engineers and stylists are committed to work on products requiring a high level of creativity and sound technicalities about the mechanics.

Our core competencies include 2- wheelers, 3- wheelers, 4- wheelers (light and heavy, mainly for European Market) across world. All are based on requiring unconventional styling and engineering solutions, beside the wide use of advanced technologies at minimum cost.


We have expanded our range of services into aerospace engineering business area.

The project development in this field has very strong bond regarding special materials use (i.e. carbon fiber) which requires a solid acquaintance in simulation. Since the composite materials and technologies applied can sensitively vary from project to project and result in the unexpected behaviour structure.

Aerospace engineering can also be identified into different phases. JBM Tesco provides services in styling, concept setting-up, product characteristics and target catalogue definition, weight vs performances control and trade off, system integration, structural design, material testing and definition of the optimized final structure.


JBM Tesco successfully has its ventures into railway covering trains and metros. Beside Styling creativity, ergonomics analysis for passenger comfort and engineering, Our expertise in offering an excellence service for whatever is connected to performances calculation for rail transport, conceiving, engineering, simulating and testing complex devices, for instance to improve energy absorption during crash, to verify structural resistance or to analyse the possible application of unconventional materials.